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Lazy Cow Ice Cream finding regulars and supportive home weeks after opening in West Point


WEST POINT — When the Lazy Cow Ice Cream Parlor had its grand opening Sept. 20, there were people lined up all the way down the sidewalk to get in, according to owner Amanda Franklin.​“It was actually pretty incredible,” Franklin said in a phone interview.​The opening was moved back a day to Sept. 20, Franklin said, to make sure everything was absolutely ready after “there were some last minute things that popped up.” But since then, things have gone smoothly.“We really haven’t faced any issues” since opening, Franklin said.​Part of that is the community in West Point is so supportive of its small businesses, even in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Franklin said. There are already some regulars coming into the Lazy Cow every day."I don’t think I could have picked a better place even if I had tried to,” Franklin said of her decision to set up her business in the area.​“The town has been super supportive of our business,” Franklin said.

Ice cream and coffee: West Point ice cream parlor to hold grand opening Sept. 19



SEP 04, 2020 AT 6:08 PM

WEST POINT — With both classic and original ice cream flavors, various sweet treats and an espresso bar, Lazy Cow Ice Cream Parlor Owner Amanda Franklin had planned to bring her creations to town in mid-July.

But renovation setbacks pushed the date back. Despite the hiccups, Franklin is busy putting the final touches on the shop and soon, folks will be able to stroll downtown to get their goods.

Ice cream parlor to move into downtown West Point, set to open mid-July



JUN 08, 2020 AT 5:14 PM

WEST POINT — From the classic chocolate, vanilla and strawberry to seasonal flavors, soon folks will be able to take a walk downtown, grab a cone and enjoy some sweet treats in the summer heat as the Lazy Cow Ice Cream Parlor opens its doors making it the first to do so in town.

Looking to offer up a family-friendly experience coupled with a blast-from-the-past diner feel, owner Amanda Franklin said it has always been her dream to open up an ice cream parlor.

“For as long as I can remember, my dad and I had always talked about opening up either a diner or an ice cream parlor and with everything going on, I decided why not?” Franklin added.

Making her dream a reality, Franklin knew when she saw the storefront location, West Point was the right place to set up shop.

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